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Beware of "The Fatal Four"!

As a Brooklyn construction worker, you face danger every day on the job. One wrong move by you or a co-worker could cause a mild bruise, a traumatic brain injury, loss of limb or even death. In fact, you may even know someone who has suffered a serious accident while on the job. Furthermore, it might surprise you just how common catastrophic injuries are in the construction industry.

In general, there are four accident types that usually cause three out of five fatalities on a construction site. The construction industry refers to these as "The Fatal Four."


Approximately 35 percent of construction-related deaths occur because of falls. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that with better safety measures, hundreds of workers might be able to avoid this kind of fatal accident.


The second most common cause of job site fatalities is electrocution. Whether it is from power lines, improper grounding or equipment misuse, the chance for electrocution lurks around almost every corner. When you work near or with electrical hazards, be sure you always use proper protective gear.

Flying, falling and swinging objects

The third of "The Fatal Four" comes in the form of objects that strike construction workers. These objects might fall from a height, swing around a corner, come flying off a piece of equipment or it might even roll down a walkway. In order to avoid these kinds of accidents, you can do two things. First, never stand between an object that is moving and an object that is stationary. Second, always wear high-visibility clothing so that other workers can easily see you.

Crushing injuries

Injuries that occur due to being crushed are the fourth most common type that often ends in a fatality. For example, trench collapses due to poor support structures can easily have catastrophic consequences. Other common types of crushing injuries include getting caught in machinery or in between other moving objects.

If you are a New York construction worker and you have suffered a workplace injury, you have options. You might be able to take legal action and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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