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Impaired driver causes Queens wrecks

According to the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), three Queens residents were transported to Jamaica Hospital on Sat., Dec. 23, following a wreck.

Police stated that at 9:15 p.m., a driver in a silver Hyundai Santa Fe exited the Van Wyck Expressway at a high rate of speed. He raced through the South Jamaican neighborhood on Linden Blvd. and crashed his vehicle into a red Nissan, flipping it over.

He fled the scene of that accident and struck another vehicle. The impact caused that car to hit two other cars parked on the street.

Police apprehended the driver as he was attempting to re-enter the Expressway. It is not known what charges he will face for the rampage.

According to some of those who witnessed the accident and the driver's apprehension and arrest, he appeared to be impaired. One 42-year-old witness stated, "He looked incoherent, wobbling back and forth, not knowing what was going on."

The condition of one of the injured people was said to be serious but stable. The conditions of the two other victims was unknown.

When an intoxicated driver gets into an accident with multiple victims, many may be making claims against a negligible insurance policy. Sometimes a driver may not even have insurance at all. That means that to have your medical bills and other damages covered, you may have to seek compensation from other defendants who can be named in the lawsuit.

New York's dram shop laws deal primarily with minors. Unless an adult was unlawfully served alcohol, the social host liability laws protect legal establishments from facing repercussions from an inebriated person's actions. But that doesn't mean that other defendants couldn't be named.

For instance, a driver who gets hit by an at-fault driver and who, as a result, hits another car could be sued by the driver whom he injured. Sometimes city or state agencies or entities can face liability if the road or other conditions had deteriorated and contributed to a serious accident.

The point is, you often may have many more routes to compensation than you, at first, realize, so it is always wise to learn all about your case before it proscribes.

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